What is Hijama?

The ultimate natural detox

Al-Hijama is the Arabic name for wet cupping.  Hijama means ‘drawing out’ or  ‘sucking’.

Hijama or cupping can have many therapeutic benefits and can be very effective in aiding medical conditions and preventing many diseases.

This non-surgical procedure involves the use of disposable cups which can be placed almost anywhere on the body, usually on or around the area of pain or reflex zones which are normally on the back.  A hand pump is used to create negative pressure within the cup to stimulate blood flow and accumulate the diseased blood. Very small superficial incisions are then made using a sterile surgical blade.  The cups are re-placed and the negative pressure pulls out the ‘toxic’ or ‘bad’ blood in to the cups which are then disposed of safely.

This can detoxify the skin and circulatory system, give relief, promote healing and regain function and balance within the body.

Hijama (wet cupping) is a natural, holistic, preventative and beneficial treatment.