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by Najla on Hijama4u
muscle pain & stiffness

Just recently I had a full body massage & hijama done. It was amazing excellent the best help I could have gotten. All the stress is relived during the healing massage & along with hijama making you feel the lightest & most energetic. Long after hijama the effects are still there ma sha allah! A+++++++ Jazak allah khairun. I plan on continuing with consistent monthly treatment In Sha Allah.

by Anonymous on Hijama4u
My positive experience

I was suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety regarding university and this had affected my health in many ways. I was constantly suffering from headaches and sickness, unable to sleep at night, I lost my confidence in myself, extremely low energy levels and constantly feeling tired as well as losing weight and my appetite.

After attending for one therapy session, within a week or so, I began to feel a lot happier and my anxiety had decreased significantly. I was able to manage it a lot better by doing the techniques I was taught at any time and anywhere. I was also given tips on how to improve my physical health by making small changes one by one and implementing these into my diet and daily routine which I have also been doing. Since, I have noticed a shift in my moods and generally feel a lot happier and have a more positive outlook on things. The session was very informative and easy to understand and the techniques are also very straightforward and easy to implement into daily routines.

Another thing I was suffering from was a lot of pain in my upper body, especially my lower back and neck. I had one session of dry cupping done and within 2-3 days my pain completely decreased to a very minimal amount. This definitely helped me and was very beneficial.

Overall, I had a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend hijama as well as Emotional release sessions to anyone suffering from anxiety and stress, no matter how little it is, it is better to treat it as early as possible and seek help to prevent it from increasing and affecting daily life. The service provided is very professional and tailored to suit your needs and wants as well as providing useful information which is easy to understand and implement.

Thank you again for all the help and support

by Natasha on Hijama4u
Life changing

I had a healing season a few weeks ago and was taught key techniques in order to help my anxiety, before the session I was exhausted and struggled emotionally with bad anxiety, depression and an overwhelming sense of constant fear that was dictating my life for me. I struggled with insomnia with only an average of one hour a nights sleep, and could never shut off. Within that one session I can honestly say I felt a shift in energy, for the next two weeks I was happier but seemed to be releasing all the negative energy along with finally understanding the root of the problem.. there was a lot of crying, energy shifting and healing taking place for the first two weeks. After that I felt much happier with endless amounts of energy, I sleep seven to eight hours a night and feel happy again. I still have anxious spells but when I do I use the techniques shown to me which have been fantastic. Please do not hesitate in giving this treatment a go, it could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Thank you once again for helping me x

by Anonymous on Hijama4u

I decided to try hijama after struggling to conceive for over 4 years. I came across Hijama4u on the internet and based on the positive reviews decided to go ahead and contacted Roxana. We had an initial conversation over the phone where she spent some time getting to know me and my situation. I then had my first appointment. I found her to be informative, professional and sympathetic. I was a bit anxious as did not know what to expect however during our first session she put me at ease and walked me through what she was doing. Following the session I felt so great. I had 4 sessions in total and found them so beneficial. During the treatments she highlighted areas that needed extra work and worked with me to heal them. I am now pregnant and do believe that hijama played a big role in this. It was definitely worth it and I would recommend to everyone.

by Z Hussan on Hijama4u
Stiffness in neck and shoulders

'I recently had an Emmett session with Roxanna to treat tightened shoulder muscles that were affecting the range of movement in my neck. The treatment was pain free, relaxing and extremely effective, treating the issue in less than 10 minutes. Almost a week later the effects of the treatment have continued and the range of movement has been maintained. I would recommend Emmett therapy as an effective, pain free treatment, and wholeheartedly recommend Roxanna as a practitioner for both Emmett therapy, and the range of other treatments she specializes in.'

by Craig Miller on Hijama4u
Amazing Results

I had been trying numerous healing modalities to heal myself following a stroke but had little to no improvement in my health.
I had read about Hijama and decided to give it a try, and I'm so glad that I did.
I was a bit nervous before my first session but I needn't have worried, right from the start I found my whole experience to be both professional and friendly which put me at ease straight away.
The Hijama treatment itself was very relaxing and I now find myself nodding off during treatment as I feel so peaceful. I'm a firm believer in letting results speak for themselves, in the four months I've been having treatment my body energy has stabilised, my fatigue has reduced and my mental clarity and focus is returning, so I 100% know this treatment works.
I can't stop telling family and friends about it, I was lost and losing hope that I would ever be well again, thankfully I found Roxanna and I now feel supported and on the right track to recovering my health and life again.

by Saher on Hijama4u
great work

I originally started coming for hijama and then heard about NAET. I have been in a gluten free diet for the past 6 years and always felt ill with certain foods and could feel that it was getting worse. I started NAET treatment and after the second session for egg allergy, I felt amazing. Also, although Ramadan was probably one of the longest days during the year. It was one of my best, I didn't feel as weak as previous years. I truly felt that the little food I was having was actually giving me strength.
Since that time, I have been treated for a weakness to calcium. I have also had some emotional therapies, which have have really improved my mood. Alhumdulillah I am so grateful to have been treated by Roxanna and would hugely recommend to others.

by Shamailah on Hijama4u

I am 33 years of age with 3 young children. I had been suffering from pain all over my body, very low energy and feeling very depressed for the past few years, despite trying different things I was unable to find anything that helped. My whole life was being affected by it, personally couldn’t do much for myself or the children. I had a lady come to help me around the house because I was physically unable to do much. I was allergic to painkillers so couldn’t take them to help relieve the pain.
I felt like I had fallen in a big black hole that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get out. So I prayed a lot to God to send me some help.
My neighbours informed me that she gets Hijama done from a lady who comes to the house, so I thought I would give it a go.
Roxanna comes to my house regularly now, initially we started with Hijama and Roxanna also gave me a lot of nutritional advice and some supplements that I started implementing daily and Praise be to God all my pains went away. But I was still suffering from a lot of emotional issues and these emotional issues would re-start the physical pains. After 6 hijama sessions, I thought I’d try the NAET treatment she offers and Al-hamdulilah, one by one I am now able to overcome my emotional issues.
Roxanna has helped me change my life, with all the dietary and lifestyle advice, I am now feeling I am regaining my life and almost out of the black hole. If it was not for her kind, gentle and caring nature, I don’t think I would have been able to continue with the treatments. God answered my prayers and I am utterly grateful.
Unless you know how to deal with and remove the emotional baggage, you will carry it for your entire life. One simple fear treatment helped me overcome fear and I feel so much more confident.
The treatments that Roxanna offers are very affordable. I never once regretted paying for these treatments because after years of feeling terrible I feel I have been given another chance to live. Therefore my advice to anyone who may be considering Hijama or NAET or the energy treatments that Roxanna offers, please don’t waste anymore of your time feeling low and miserable. God sends people to you. It’s up to you whether you take this help.

by Dorcus on Hijama4u
This treatment works!

I have been seeing Roxanna for treatment over the past 3 months. I used to feel tired all the time and felt so exhausted I could not get a sound sleep at night. I would sometimes feel restless at night, wake up and have to read a book to get me back to sleep. All this has stopped since starting treatment with Roxanna - amazing results. She is professional, thorough and gentle like an angel. I am now full of energy, much happier and I get sound sleep through the night. A definite must for a healthier life - this treatment works!!

by Michael on Hijama4u

Today is my first day taking the formulas and now my sight is near clear as it was with my contacts or glasses. Before I could only see a few meters, 5 at most on a good day and now and can see so much further. I would definitely recommend the treatment Roxanna uses to my friends and family.

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