• My Hijama Experience

    My Hijama experience.

    How can Hijama help you? I researched this for a number of years now and was unable to locate a Hijama practitioner in Scotland. The next logical step was to get trained after studying the irrefutable benefits of Hijama.

    You see, my health took a turn for the worst in December 2014. My thyroid levels sky rocketed and had been out of sync for nearly 9 years? The best way forward for positive results was to get a prescribed course of treatments over a 3 month period. Alhamdulilah, the hijama treatment healed my underactive thyroid as thyroid levels had now fallen within the normal range without medication.

    As you can imagine I was delighted to receive my test results from my doctor that confirmed the normal range of thyroxine levels in my blood. More so, I was amazed to realise how quickly I was healed in such a short space of time.

    Altogether I can say is, it’s the best thing I have ever come across. My lone regret is I didn’t come across this earlier. After spending hundreds of pounds on supplements and trying alternative therapies with very little success I have reversed aging of the body and mind.

    I feel amazing, younger, fresh and energised. The dynamics of Hijama work on balancing the whole body by detoxifying and cleaning the entire body network system. This then contributes to the functioning as a whole unlike western medicalisation of separate entities of function that it meticulously promotes.

    Hijama on its own is amazing but you will need to make lifestyle changes for long term benefits that Hijama offers. Do not underrate the power of Hadith that this is the best medicine for us. Not only did our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) promote this but the angels from the heavens recommended this for you!!!!

    No matter what you suffer from, Hijama can help with almost all human conditions of ill health. You owe it to yourself to feel awesome by incorporating this Sunnah practice as you peg to excellence in good health.

    Take advantage on our May/June offers at 25% discount on your 1st session. Feel rewarded for practicing a Sunnah method as well as raising an almost forgotten one.

    Check out my Website Hijama4u.com or contact me on 07825642214 for more information on how to book.

    Have an absolutely fabulous day, like I always do.

    When you possess health, you have everything. When you hold no health you have zilch!

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  1. Tri says:

    Is it possible to tell the details about the treatment that you have done? Like the spots you performed Hijama on, or about how many times you did Hijama?
    I’m interested to meet you but I live far away from Scotland. There are a lot of Hijama practioners in my country Indonesia but none of them know much about Thyroid problems.

    • admin says:

      Hi There,

      I would get Hijama done every two weeks for 3 months, between 12 and 16 cups mainly on the back. I would also get it done behind the ears, neck, under my chin, my feet and in the middle of my chest just above the breast area. After 3 months I reduced to once a month for 3 months because I was loosing too much weight. I had a big break and not had hijama for 4 months until this week. I also try to avoid foods which are not so good and I take supplements which I think is very important to aid the healing process. Hope that helps 🙂